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parkour motion reel from saggyarmpit on Vimeo.

Parkour is such an awesome (if a bit dangerous, possibly illegal) activity. People using the urban landscape and inducing freedom of movement, instead of bowing down to the constraints of urban design, is a brilliant concept. See District 13 for some rather staged parkour.


  1. oh yep see B.i.g. video of parkour too

  2. The way you say it makes me see it in a completely different perspective. I've always seen them as street ninjas, emulating Jackie Chan and modern martial arts slash dance.

    Just the other day, I witnessed a man running full-speed and leveraged a bench and jumped extraordinarily high. And in McD, while I was waiting for an order, 2 youths sipped their coke, discarded it and then did a full flip on the spot and landed gracefully on their feet. Just randomly did it.

    I'm not sure what the reason is that Parkour exists. Do you know?

  3. It does it pretty damn fun... it's sort of like the risk of skating and all that but without all the popular hype. I saw a group practising parkour outside the Chrischurch district court (ironically). They were doing it for the sake of it but it was also for the thrill, I think.


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