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I haven't posted for quite a while because I've been working on the Christchurch campaign with Architecture for Humanity. It was pretty intense. Flew down there on Saturday, back up on Sunday; 29 hours of getting into the situation, catching the prominent 5.3 aftershock as a sampler of what the Cantabrians have been going through these past months.

We did a Pecha Kucha presentation on what AFH has been doing to Christchurch, and watching the other presentations opened my eyes to the resilience of the community down there. The highlight of my trip was going to New Brighton and doing a basic mapping exercise with the kids there. It was a fantastic way to interact with the kids and we managed to capture a bit of what they have gone through. For example, getting to school is now a lot harder for many, having to bus for ages just to go there for half a day of lessons. Still, we felt the potential of these kids and we know that we can help them bounce back from this disaster through our work.

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