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Many may have noticed the Drive Social billboards up around NZ. My first impression is that it's to combat road rage, if in a very passive approach of doing so. Looks like I'm right - the crux of the concept is that if you know who your fellow drivers are then you will be a better driver.

Bit of a leap there.. high hopes for a billboard-website campaign. The billboards have been pretty uninformative, they didn't really carry all that much of a message until you partake in the lengthy website infographic at

Drive social campaign cyclists
Bit of guerilla street art over the large billboard image.

What I find more interesting is what some cycling enthusiasts in Whangarei. A bit of handle bar tape and there you have it: "don't forget about the cyclists!" Someone makes a good point about the campaign too, although the net links us where real world connection are often unlikely it still seems like a round about way to 'be' social:
"It seems that a campaign encouraging you to drive to work in an isolating automobile, then use a computer device to communicate with a human, who is often metres from you, has its heart in the right place, yet is going about things in a very roundabout way."
For a bit of an article about the newly defaced billboard, a form of engagement to the campaign I suppose, see the Northern Advocate article. Thanks to @nzdodo and @kaupapa for tweeting this.

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