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A flurry of upgrades are planned for Dominion Road and it really does need it. The simple 4 lane median strip road stretches almost from coast to coast (or at least the CBD) through the centre of the Auckland isthmus. It lags behind in providing transport infrastructure for future needs.

Currently the green bus lanes are supposed to be for cyclists too although countless encounters between buses and bicycles easily prove it is a terrible way to integrate cycling. Furthermore, the bus lanes are only exclusively for buses (and cycles as an afterthought) during the rush hour and, at other times, allow parked cars to disrupt even this provision. It's not pleasant at all.

The strategy for providing a cycleway has taken the form of a 'parallel' cycleway - taking cycles away from the straight but busy Dominion Road and into the parallel back streets. It's a bit twisty and turny, but I've cycled all the way down a few times and its nice on a fine day. At the very least, cyclists aren't constantly breathing the fumes of buses and in danger of being hit by vehicles.

However, this strategy can also be seen as marginalising a healthy and sustainable method of transport. Perhaps if they create a really pleasant cycle infrastructure along the marked routes, people will be encouraged to give it a go instead of the car.

Feedback is now being sought! One of the public days has just passed today, but there will be another 3:30pm - 7:00pm at Dominion Road Primary School on Thursday (25th July). Go and talk to the planners and give suggestions as to how this all could develop into a great cycleway. Visit the Auckland Transport page for more information, or to submit feedback online.


  1. Dom Rd is such a dangerous place for cyclists right now!

    1. Absolutely. They have a lot of traffic calming measures though, hopefully they will work. Will do a follow up blog post about what I found out in the Public Info Day.


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