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I found an extraordinary map today. At first it just looks like the London tube map (which is in it's own right famous - even the Congestion Free Network adapted its structure to express their plan)

What this map created by James Wannerton, who has "lexical-gustatory synaesthesia, a condition characterised by the involuntary taste testing of words; it is the conflation of senses that are normally experienced separately." So over 38 years, he has recorded the 'taste' of every place connected to the public transport network of London.

The exercise highlights the value of experiencing a place - when a place becomes so familiar that it has a special place in your psyche (or taste in this case), then there's something cognitive going on. Places are what we make of them, individually as much as collectively, their ambiance adding to the flavour of it.

For more see the Co.Design article. Also remember that the Architecture + Women NZ exhibition is on next week for Architecture Week, make sure you check it out.

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