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I found two guitar photos in my collection (of creative goodness!). These two are in such a strong contrast even though they have that one common element of the guitar. The top is a photo of Heidi Klum for the Be An Angel photoshoot. The bottom one is a sensuously black image, by Obsidian-Fox, called JRock.


  1. New topic. More fashion posts to come!

  2. oooo i like ur new topic!! woo fashion posts :) ofcourse i looked under this tab hahaha. follow me bobby :D

  3. ohh and the heidi klum photo i like !

  4. Haha yes! In recent times a tad neglected, but will let you know when I get more fashion posts to share.

    And yes, Heidi Klum, triple gorgeous and this is four births later...


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