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Corporates are fast catching onto the idea of using creative mapping and tracking techniques to essentially 'brand' their product. Nike, an innovator of the sports industry, shows us with their GRID programme that technology can act to gather data on the trivialities of life. How far did you run? How fast did you jog? How does this data even get used without seeming silly?

A while ago I tried Nokia's Sports Tracker application which was a bit half baked. Subsequently it closed down. It looks like the technology has now been applied to snowboarding, which is very cool sport in its own right. So data is being used to brand their product, or support the brand. Being able to capture the essence of kinetic energy in creative graphics is a leap in not only the technology, but the way people can read into their own actions and how that affects the way we think about them.

The same way old school branding, such as logo design, a full set of stationery and a colour scheme, can influence the way we perceive an organisation, this method of incorporating the true heartbeat of the people into the branding/campaign goes that much further.

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