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I can't believe MOCA curated an exhibition on street art. Street art is a phenomenon. It is a wonderful temporal thing - the next day it might be painted over or changed afresh with a new work by another artist. Instead, they reel those pieces and the very concept of street art into a contemporary art gallery. One word from me. Outrage.

I believe that one should have to seek the most obscure corners of the urban to find the art that it holds - treasure among too many bland walls. The experience of seeing street art is to get dirty, sweaty, to get into the city and breathe the exhaust fumes, pushing around amongst other city dwellers. Viewing the art out of context within a sterile gallery environment is like pissing on the the genre itself; a flip-side to the equilibrium between 'clean' high art and naturally blossoming 'grubby' art which is primarily a rebellion to any gallery art system in the first place.

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