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For some reason I once did a post on a chair sofa made out of chopsticks and I thought that was pretty stellar, but then I found this elaborate toothpick sculpture of San Francisco. Both use an extremely commonplace product. The result though is very different. Whereas the chopstick chair is utilitarian and systematic, this toothpick sculpture is an organic manifestation likened to the vibrant city that it reflects.
The visual experience reminds me of Peter Madden's Necrolopolous, which I saw at the Auckland Art Gallery recently, a sculpture which is busy by nature. You have to move around it to see all the different constituents that emerge from the delicate construction. The toothpick sculpture isn't all looks, though. Several paths through the sculpture allow balls to roll through on 'city tours'. It is packed with personal significance - something that the chopstick creation lacks entirely - and is a creation grown on one's love for their home city.

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  1. Very interesting.I use my chopsticks every day but I didn't think to make something by them.


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