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New Zealand Fashion Week is finally here and I can't wait to see the vast amount of creative effort that has gone into this event. The fashion world is often an exclusive one but I don't find it is too inaccessible here in New Zealand which is a real plus. This year TV3, as a broadcast sponsor, will also be screening the fashion shows on their website throughout the week for all to see.

New Zealand Fashion Week Viaduct Events Centre Auckland
Inside the Viaduct Events Centre, getting dressed up for New Zealand Fashion Week. One of the many bar areas (there's quite a few...)

What will I be doing there? I'm taking part in the photography competition run by Samsung. This means I get access to the more non-public shows and so forth which will really be a new experience for me! Yesterday we were given a briefing at the venue, the Viaduct Events Centre by Moller Architects, and shown the photographer's pit. I've heard some, if not nasty, uncomfortable things about that spot in the catwalk (imagine a pack of photographers with all their bulky equipment jamming onto the small stand). You also have to be careful about getting in someone's shot as you'd become much less popular.

I'm sure the event will give me a new perspective on design (fashion, performance, events) as well as the waterfront itself. I'm very excited to be a part of it all! I'll try to blog throughout the week and hopefully I'll have some good pics.

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