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The first 2 days of shows at New Zealand Fashion Week has shown me that being a photographer at Fashion Week is hard work! Although I come back each day exhausted, it's offset by the experience of it all. Shows I really enjoyed were:


Hailwood NZFW

The lighting reminded me of an enchanted forest - matched with their mysterious Trojan horse logo, the setting really accentuated the clothes and their natural qualities. The ambience was spot on and the photographer's pit was spilling to all sides.



The first set at the New Generation Show, it really took the crowd's breath away. The looks were edgy, hardcore and suitably styled. It's a challenge - to typical perceptions of beauty, independence and strength. And challenge they did. They dominated the New Generation Show, showing something which we had not yet seen in Fashion Week, a strong stance which deviated from the blandness of the following acts. DMONIC INTENT will also be showing their more avant garde pieces at the Miromoda Show on Friday and taking part in the design challenge on Saturday.

twenty-seven names + Ingrid Starnes

I remember their debut a few years back in the New Generation Show of that year and they made a point of having effortlessly hip designs before being a hipster was even a thing. Having an off-site show at the Australis Room in the newly hip Britomart, the show was well set with a double arm catwalk and rustic brick-wood architecture. Ingrid Starnes offered some very clean designs with popping colours. A very fast paced show with lots of interesting movement throughout the stage.

Deryn Schmidt

Deryn Schmidt NZFW
Notice NZFW head honcho Pieter Steward leaning forward for a better look!

A really pumping show. A Wellington designer, she must have brought the fierce Wellington wind with her! A soundtrack of Florence the Machine in a half-daze chant brought the clothes to life. The clothes were full of feminine strength and character. 

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