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Day 3 under my belt at New Zealand Fashion Week - 12pm to 9pm, a day of amazing shows. I missed out on the Taylor show though (apparently it was a lot of floaty chiffon) because I had a chance encounter with two ladies at the wine bar.

It was the first NZFW experience for all three of us, and they had been wanting to experience NZFW for years! One was an artist who was preparing to exhibit in Paris, the other was with Karen Elizabeth, a stylist for Andrea Moore. It made me realise what a huge opportunity shooting at the all the shows was. Some of the shows are very pricey to get into, if at all.

After a drink together, we parted ways at the Annah Stretton show, which was a world of its own. I really like these sorts of encounters.. I seem to attract/encourage them a little. Like that time in London.

Stolen Girlfriends Club

They got everyone to get our their mobile phones and light them up,  a wee bit of crowd interaction.

Another off-site show, this time in a grungy carpark in Ponsonby. I had a friend who commented that everyone attending the show was "painfully indie" and it did seem to be the most alternative-gone-hipster-gone-mainstream thing I had ever seen. The setting and lighting design was very evocative of SGC style though (albeit a real pain to take photos of) and you could really feel the banal carpark architecture relivened for this catwalk.

Charlie Brown

Everytime I hear of Charlie Brown I think of Snoopy... somewhere on the NZFW website someone even put the Snoopy-related website up (.com) instead of the NZ fashion label ( This show was full of sophistication and classy Asiatic influence. A huge open mouth backdrop framed the catwalk and the goodie bags were well worth keeping. I think this was the show with a wonderful line of Lana Del Rey - her poignant tune tied it all together.

Anna Stretton

This show exhibited two collections, one regular winter collection and another celebrating 20 years of Anna Stretton's label. It was a bit strange with a boar headed model coming out first, then many others coming out with twirls and naughty poses. Think Midsummer Night's Dream + wood nymphs in a frenzy. Just goes to show that Stretton dares to be daring in her girly style way.


I also got to see the backstage area - very different from what I imagined to be honest. I was a small square, packed full of activity with one model stuck in the middle getting her hair done. Interesting shots there.

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